About Us

About Factsbyte : 

Hello, we are FactsByte,

The idea which inspired FactsByte was the need of an technology website/blog which would be a unification and intersection of diverse interests. It aims at fulfilling all needs of people who are interested in trending science and latest technology news.

We try to provide latest technology, Science and other news and information about budding startups. Our Article section focuses at features like mobile and tablet news, trending information about new gadgets and machines – ranging from a apps and software of all kinds and much more. Sharing knowledge and information among interested parties is our primary objective for better world, better tomorrow.

Date of Publish : 2017 September 13th

About the Founders and Authors :

FactsByte was created by Sachin Weerasekara, Ramesh Tharanga, Damith Lakshitha who were IT students of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka as a dream of making a top technology website of Sri Lanka.


Founders :


  Sachin Weerasekara                Damith Lakshitha                      Ramesh Tharanga


Authors :


    Nuwan Aluthgama                Maheshika Madubashani              Methma Hanshani                           Ahrane M. 


     Sewmini Navodya                      Rukshan Akalanka                   Udani Kaushalya                    Thenuja Jeyakanthan  


       K. Mathurantha                            Sachini Milcah                      Sandali Siriwardane                    Vithurshana P.



 Nethma Jayawardhane