Apple plans three new iPhones ,One may have three rear cameras.

Apple is planning to introduce three cameras iphone this year and another iPhone with low-priced LCD model according to the reference from Wall Street Journal. Their current iPhone XR LCD model’s sale is inactive. Despite of this, company still wants a diverse mid to high range line up. Apple is experiencing a slow down in the smart phone market as consumer upgrades less often like other smart phones.

Huawei and LG already have devices at least having three cameras while Apple is having dual cameras now. Samsung also released Galaxy A7,with three rear camera set-up. Adding a third camera provides more user-friendly photographic features like telephoto closeups and improved ‘bokeh’ blurred backgrounds.

By 2020 Apple plans to build all its iphones with OLEDs which offers superior contrast and color reproduction. Now Apple is seems to be less competitive than models from Huawei and other companies according to people’s prospective.So its interesting to see how it proceeds over the next year.It seems like XR devices will remain until at least 2020.

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