Google Photos Allows, You to Search For Text Inside in Your Pictures and Copy and Paste it

Google Photos is a collection of services developed by Google, which provides mainly photo sharing and storage services. By combining Google Photos with Google Lens, Currently, Google has developed new features like automatic tagging(which allows finding what’s inside within the picture, whether it’s a dog or flower or something else with one simple search) and text searches.[Google Lens- This feature helps us to understand what we are looking at and to take actions based on that information]

 Beyond these existing features, recently Google has made an announcement on Twitter saying that they are in the process of developing new AI features for its Lens platform.

This new feature will let us search Google Photos library for a text that appears within photos and screenshots. After that, we can be able to easily copy and paste that text into a note, document or form.

The features seem very much related to one announcement back during Google’s 2017 I/O developer conference. In there they announced that they are developing a new feature that would let the AI-powered lens camera to understand the context of a photo.

Using that way, Google has developed “showed off Lens recognizing a Wi-Fi password in a picture” and that feature allows the user to sign-in the device into the network automatically. However, the latest update feature expands that existing feature into the more complicated text as well as into handy copy and paste functionality.

For identifying the text area in the picture, the new feature will make use of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique. For copying and pasting it will make use of Google Lens. 

This is how the new Google Photo feature works. Once we uploaded our pictures to the cloud, Google uses OCR to scan our photos and identified the text area and then tag them with the related text.

So, the next time we can simply search for the name of the item instead of scrolling through hundreds or thousands of photos.

Apart from this usage, we can you this technique for simply coping the context of a picture or in a screenshot to a new document for our purposes. So this new feature seems like a great development of AI technique, which allows the user’s entire library into a searchable one and it gives the ability to pull text out of photos.

This feature is currently available on some of the lucky Android devices. But it does not appear to be active quite yet on iOS devices. So in the near future, Google will release, the new version of Google Photos to our hand, which will provide all the services mentioned above.

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