Google’s Text to speech feature for emergency calls on Pixel devices.

Google’s latest announcement has stated that they will add a new feature to the phone app on pixel devices, which will allow us to call emergency services automatically.

This is an expansion of a google released feature, back in 2017, which would automatically display a location card on the dialing screen when calling an emergency number to make it easier and to relay that information to responder directly from the phone app.

But in the new automated text-to-speech system makes that procedure even simpler by cutting out the need for the person in an emergency situation to be able to read out that information at all.

Normally if an emergency event occurs, as the initial step first you will take a call to emergency services. But if you are faced with an accident and assume that you are critically injured and no one is around you to help you. In that case, you will be unable to make a call and you will face pretty big troubles due to that. So as a solution to these problems, Google wants to introduce a new feature that will let you send automated voice messages with a single tap.

Once we make an emergency call, this feature will show you three buttons. Medical, Fire and Police.

Once we tap on one button, it will send an automated voice, message to the appropriate emergency service provider.  First, it will say a message like this, “You are being contacted by an automated voice service initiated by the caller, the caller may be unable to speak or here”.

After saying this message, the synthesized voice will tell operators about your exact location as well as your Plus code Like this,  “My location is 1600, Amphitheater, Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043. The plus code for my location is 849VCWC7+8Q. I require medical assistance”

To get known your location, it gathers information from the phones’ GPS and plus code. Plus code means a street address for people or places that don’t have one. And it gives addresses to everyone, everywhere, allowing them to receive deliveries, accesses emergency services, register to vote likewise.

In order to track your location, it doesn’t require a data connection. So because of that, we can use this feature even when there’s no internet connection. It will be a great advantage for the user. And will allow you to speak during the call if you are able to do that.

This safety-oriented feature will be launch in the US in nearly future. And Google says it will come to pixel devices and  “select” Android devices.

Since this feature is designed for situations in which someone needs emergency services but cannot verbally communicate, it will be a great help for them as well for the emergency forces.

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