Instagram launches its new messaging app, ‘Threads’!

‘Facebook-owned Instagram is building its own messaging app!’ Yes, of course, this was a rumour spreading around the world throughout the past few months! Making that rumour a reality, Instagram launched its new messaging app ‘Threads’ a few days back, on 3rd October 2019 to be exact.

Why has Instagram come up with such a new messaging app?

Generally, all Instagram users have a number of followers. This might include people who are known to them as well as the unknown. At certain times notifications and messages from unknown people seem to be a burden for the users. Meantime, the users might not need to share a certain story or an update with all of his followers. Owing to these facts, Instagram has decided to come up with a messaging app, specially designed for users’ close friends.

What are the special features of ‘Threads’?

‘Threads’ offers two brand new features called Status and Auto Status, which makes it unique out of the other messaging apps. These features allow users to manually set an emoji as an away message to show Close Friends what they are up to. Moreover, it has the ability to automatically share status with the user’s close friends based on the user’s location, accelerometer, and battery level. It also opens to the camera with shortcuts for instantly sending photos and videos to specific people.

Messages sent via ‘Threads’ appear in both the Instagram Direct messages and in the Threads app. ‘Threads’ is globally available now both on Android and iOS. Let’s see how Instagram users will embrace this new messaging app!

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