Is 5G Network Dangerous to our Health?

What is 5G?
5G stands for fifth generation of network. Previous g networks used frequencies between 700MHz and 6GHz. The 5G network will operate on frequencies between 28GHz and 100GHz ( x-rays are not good for body because they are having a high frequency now 5G also in high frequency ). It is expected that 5G will be 1000 time faster than 4G what we are currently using. With 5G and IoT the world will become smarter.

Let we come to the problem….
People around the world are afraid about using 5G network. Because around 250 scientists from around the world signed a petition recently to the United Nations and the World Health Organization regarding the risk due to the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) radio waves produced by the cellular and code-less phones may produce a cancer risk.

The listed effects of 5G network are,
 Increased cancer risk
 Cellular stress
 Increase in harmful free radicals
 Generic damage
 Structural and functional change of the reproductive system
 Learning and memory deficits
 Neurological disorders
 Negative impacts on general well being in humans.

Damage is not limited to humans as there is growing evidence of harmful effects in both plant and animal life.

Some researchers are arguing that exposure of young children to emitting devices is much more dangerous due to their smaller sculls and scull thickness and the increased exposure to their brains.

But, the World health organization’s International EMF project which investigates the health effects of electromagnetic fields of humans argues there are “no major public health risks that have emerged from several decades of EMF research: The technology still can’t make a conclusion whether the 5G network is good or bad.

Therefore, people are advised to protect themselves from the 5G network radiation.
some of the ways are,
 Should keep mobile phone calls to the shortest possible duration
 Write a text message and not to make phone calls when reception is poor
 Should ensure that they surf the internet on their smart phones or tablets when they have access to a WiFi network.
 Use a headset to make and receive calls – expose the head to less radiation.

“Before making the world smart we have to think smart”.

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