Let’s check your phone’s notifications on your PC

Recently Microsoft has published a new update to the “Your Phone” app on Windows 10. Which will allow us to see the notifications of our Android phone through our PC.  Once we sync an Android phone with the app, we can read and reply to text messages, we can look at photos in our personal phone, and we can drag and drop the files out from the device or into the device.

Once you install this app to your desktop, it will get alerting you to the notification received by the paired phone. In order to start this scenario, there are some tasks that should take place within your computer as well as within your phone.

These are the things which should be done within  your Desktop,

  1. First, you should get the latest version of “Your Phone” App into our windows 10 computer.  In order to do that first search, Microsoft Store in the windows search bar and get the Microsoft store window.
  2. Then open the Microsoft Store and search for Your Phone. If the app is not installed, then installed it to your PC. If the app is installed, click the three-dot menu next to the Launch command, in there if it shows Update as an option, then select it. If not just directly click on the Launch button.

3. After that open Your Phone app, within your PC. Here you will see a prompt that displays two options. Android and iPhone.If your phone is an Android one, just select the Android box and then click “Get Started”.

4. After that, you will receive a new prompt again, in there enter your phone number which you are going to sync with your PC.

Now,  let’s move to the phone side,

  1. Once you enter the phone number in that prompt you will receive a text from Microsoft with a link to install “Your Phone Companion” App. Then go to that link and installed it. If you didn’t receive any text, then go to the play store and find that app and installed it.

2. After installing that, then open the Your Phone Companion app on your phone and tap on “Sign in with Microsoft”.Then enter your Microsoft account’s Email and its password to make sure that you are using the same account in both devices. After that allows the app for various permission requests. When the app prompts you to set up Your Phone App on your Pc, just click on “My PC is ready”. Then tap on “Allow” to allow the connection.

3. Then, go to your phone’s system settings and search for Notification Access, then select the Notification Access Option. Find the Your Phone Companion app on the list and activate the toggle. Then tap  “Allow” on the confirmation window.

4. Now “Your Phone” app on your computer, then click the notification tab. After that click “Get Started” and then click Open Settings for me. Now you can see any notification you get on your phone will automatically pop on the desktop and move into Windows 10 notification center.

So by this, you can simply text and see photos through Your own Pc. Apart from that, here you can get a page or a link from your phone to your Pc.

As an example, let’s assume that you are reading an article on your phone, but then you want to read that through the desktop. Because it’s more convenient.

In that case, you don’t need to search that article on your desktop again. Just take your phone and open the browser tab, and then click on the three buttons which are on the top of the page, after that click on share.

Then you will get several options. Click on Your companion App. Then you will get a prompt of Available devices, just click on your PC and after that, you will be able to see that same page or the article within your laptop.

To try out these all features, your phone needs Android 7.0 or later version.

In the near future, Microsoft will launch a new feature called “Notification Chasing”. Which will able to remotely control things on your phone through your desktop, by mirroring your Android phone Screen to your PC’s Screen.

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