The Most Innovative Smart Backpack

Are you fed up with forgetting daily things that should be carried out with you? Probably you should… Almost all of us spending a busy life in this digital era. But would you ever think that the same digital era has options which make our life smarter and easier? Yes, of course, nothing is impossible in this fast-moving century. So never miss a thing left out of your bag.

Lumzag is the most innovative backpack introduced ever built upon a high technology. Their first prototypes were proudly performed at CES Trade show in January 2018. It’s not just a backpack but what you always wanted, intelligent and smarter.

Never be stressed of leaving behind, Lumzag backpack will never lose, it consists of a GPS tracker which shows the exact location of your backpack when you leave behind or stolen. This backpack is in-built with connected to an app which is available on both iOS and Android. Get notified when someone tries to open your bag or steal it. Aside from it is built with a real-time tracking system, an alarm activates when the distance between you and backpack is above maximum.

You can set daily belongings list in the app and sensors will track your kinds of stuff. Missing will be notified via the app.

This backpack has another feature it is built-in sim card to activate the bag as a hotspot and a built-in power bank where 10,000 mAh, the most useful feature which everyone is looking up everywhere. No matter where you are, you are globally connected to wifi everywhere. Lumzag allows charging smartphone, laptop and tablet simultaneously. It has the astonishing feature wireless charging mode for your smartphone.

Inside light turns on automatically when the bag is opened in the darkness. A rearview camera is placed on the Lumzag to see what’s going on around you, especially if you are riding a bicycle in an urban area you know the value of this type of a camera to see the live view mode on your smartphone screen,or if you are a jungle photographer or a hiking lover or a fearful adventurer.

Lumzag is made of carbon fibre with leather/ nylon; Carbitex CX6 which is very strong, light-weighted, the high tech looked with the highest tensile strength among the commercially available fibre. Straps made with Carbon fibre, carbon fibre is the century’s advanced material. It is the next generation luxury material used in applications like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aerospace and sporting equipment etc..

Silicon coated genuine Italian leather which absolutely water repellent, durable has used in Lumzag which also gives a luxury looking. Besides, it has used water repellent AquaGuard zippers.

The backpack comes in 3 colours; Silver black, Dark sapphire, Velvet wine and this bag come in 2 lines; Lumzag Prime and Lumzag Basic.  

The basic line comes with 4 smart features, alert & remote anti-theft alarm, missing item reminder, wireless charger with built-in power bank, inside light and it is the most affordable bag. The prime line comes with 7 smart features alert and remote anti-theft alarm, missing item reminder, wireless charger with built-in power bank, inside light, a rearview camera, real-time GPS tracking and Wi-Fi.

Lumzag is available in 3 styles

  1. The Backpack
  2. The Messenger
    For those who prefer a more classic business look
  3. The CrossBody
    For those who used to easily walk or a city tour

Lumzag, Makes life easier smart and more secure.

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