Over Protocol: Towards True Decentralization

One name sticks out in the rapidly changing field of blockchain technology, which is revolutionizing numerous industries and changing our perceptions of data security and digital transactions: Over Protocol. This ground-breaking layer 1 blockchain was unveiled at EuroSys’21, and it is supported by the clever “Ethanos (Efficient Bootstrapping for Full Nodes on Account-based Blockchain)” protocol. It is a critical component of the Over protocol, a game-changer that checks only active accounts. By doing so, it enables full nodes to remove obsolete data and operate with low storage requirements. This discovery allows for far lower storage requirements, which is a drastic divergence from traditional methods and has the potential to completely rewrite the foundation of blockchain technology.

Over Protocol is an example of innovation rather than merely another blockchain. By emphasizing user-friendly and lightweight full nodes, Over Protocol tackles storage and dependency issues that other blockchains encounter. This strategy, along with the availability of functioning nodes on desktop PCs, signals the beginning of a new phase in blockchain interaction. We cover every aspect of this ground-breaking innovation in this extensive essay, from pre-registration benchmarks to the creative minds behind it all.

The Etherum Protocol: A Spark for Innovation in Over Protocol

The revolutionary idea introduced at EuroSys’21, the Ethanos protocol, is the core of Over Protocol. By taking into consideration only active accounts and optimizing data management and storage, this protocol redefines validation.

Superblock: The Forward-thinking Creators of Over Protocol

The brilliant “Ethanos” protocol, which Ben (Jae-Yun) Kim, the visionary founder of Superblock, championed, is where Over Protocol got its start. Superblock, the brains behind Over Protocol’s conception and execution as it seeks $8 million, is the driving force behind this ground-breaking notion that lay the foundation for the organization’s journey.

Increasing Ecosystem Sturdiness with the Over Community Access Program (OCAP)

The main attraction is the Over Community Access Program (OCAP), which allows early contributors to stake $OVER and participate in several missions. With this exceptional chance, anyone can become a validator and significantly influence the Over Protocol ecosystem prior to the mainnet launch.

When Does Over Mainnet Launch?

There is a lot of excitement surrounding Over Protocol’s much anticipated mainnet launch. The Testnet is still a ways off, thus the precise date is not yet known (TBA). This stage will offer a fascinating look at what lies ahead for the protocol.

As Over Protocol ushers in a new phase of blockchain development. With its dedication to effectiveness, user-friendliness, and strong data administration, Over Protocol is well-positioned to bring about a blockchain environment that is more dynamic and inclusive.

Follow along as we observe how blockchain technology develops, driven by the ground-breaking Over Protocol and its hopes for a more promising, decentralized future. The promise of “More Freedom, More Users, More Opportunities” illuminates the way ahead. Welcome to the journey as Over Protocol, one innovation at a time, redefines blockchain.

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