SuiDex – The Next Big Game Changer 2023

One of the earliest Automated Market Makers (AMMs) on the SUI blockchain, SuiDex was developed to allow secure and decentralized token trades. The protocol makes use of smart contracts created by their team, published on the SUI mainnet/testnet, and written in the MOVE programming language.

They continuously drew inspiration from SUI BlockChain when developing the SUIDEX project. SUI is the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain that was created from the ground up to let developers and creators construct experiences for the following billion web users.

Wallet Creation and Get SUI Tokens

You can create a wallet as you wish by using the below links. make sure to backup your wallet.

Use Sui Wallet:
Or use Suiet:

The token use for sui dex known as SUI. to perform most of thing you have to pay gas fees from Sui. You will also need the tokens you want to trade or stake on Sui Chain. There are a few ways to bring your assets to Sui Chain, but here are the ones we recommend:

  • Exchange (CEX) You can withdraw Sui Token (SUI) on SUI Chain via CEX account: Binance, Kucoin, Bitget, MEXC, Gate, Houbi, BingX, Bitmart, SuperEX, OKX, Coinlisst, Bybit Note: you need an account to do so.
  • Bridge (Update later)

    TestNets SUI token can be obtained via a wallet or discord channel.

Access SuiDex and Connect Wallet

you can go the this link and access the suidex app. There is a connect wallet button top right corner. when you click on that button popup msg will be opened from the browser wallet. just allow it.
Sui has multiple networks, including multiple devnets and testnets. Please be sure your wallet is connected to Sui Mainnet.

Product Guide

The core of SuiDex for digital assets on the SUI is the Exchange. SuiDex is an Automated Market Maker (AMM). Liquidity Providers (“LPs”), who stake their tokens in Liquidity Pools, provide the liquidity for the exchange. A user receives LP tokens in return, which they can risk in the “Farms” to obtain SuiDex tokens.
For native tokens on SUI, the following services will be offered:

Yield Staking, Farming, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Swap, Liquidity Pools 

We will concentrate on building the biggest liquidity pools for their native tokens as one of the first AMM on SUI.

Liquidity Swap

you can access this section from

The pool will reward you with LP tokens when you add liquidity. A tiny transaction charge will be paid to the liquidity providers as a fee reward when a token swap is made. You can stake your LP tokens in the liquidity pool to get SuiDex tokens in the “Farm” as well. Please keep in mind that you will need enough of each coin while boosting liquidity. Say you wish to incorporate the following liquid: 10 SUSD and 10 SUI. You won’t be allowed to continue if you have less than 10 SUSD or 10 SUI. You must have enough number of each token.


SuiDex Farming

SuiDex Farms offer multiple farming opportunities to their users. You can stake your LP tokens and earn SuiDex tokens in return. They will incentivize many liquidity pairs by offering our Liquidity Providers the chance to stake their LP tokens.

  • LP rewards APR earned through providing liquidity and;
  • Farm base rewards APR earned staking LP Tokens in the Farm.

IFO (Initial Farm Offering)/Launchpool

Purchase a new token at SuiDex Launchpad.
1. To take part, you must stake Suidex token or Suidex LP.
2. You must fulfill specific prerequisites in order to take part in the special sale rounds.
3. With the Suidex launchpad, you will be able to participate in the best initiatives.

A less resource-intensive option to mining is SuiDex Launchpool. You can have free access to using your tokens to acquire more tokens. To put it simply, you must lock your Bitcoin to earn incentives.

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