The best computer languages to learn hacking 2019

Hacking is identifying weaknesses in a computer system or networks to a plethora of applications available for free. Being a hacker requires you to understand the languages that the software that you have in focus is written in. They are usually written in a range of common languages.

By this, I have brought a list of computer languages that you should know if you want to be a hacker as your carrier.


  • Stands for HyperText Markup Language
  • It is the language of the web and is important to compromise web apps
  • It will prove to be an essential investment when you move forward and start curating more complex hacking programs

2. Javascript

  • Best choice for developing cross-site scripting hacking programs
  • Can manipulate the browser DOM very easily, thus making it a viable solution for building internet worms
  • Can use for mimicking attacks on the server side as well as the client side
  • It is a go-to language for creating adware hacking programs
  • Can use to build cross-platform desktop software, hackers might utilize it for attacks like butter overflow and stack overflow

3. Python

  • One of the best programming language for hacking into web servers
  • Make it fairly easy to write automation scripts
  • Let to do a fast reconnaissance of the target network and makes prototyping much faster

4. SQL

  • Stands for Structured Query Language
  • Used only for communicating with databases
  • Commonly used by black hat hackers to develop hacking programs based on SQL injection
  • Often used by hackers to run unauthorized queries in order to obtain an unhashed password

5. C Language

  • A low-level fast programming language
  • Most modern systems including windows and UNIX are built using C
  • Often used to gain low-level access to memory and system processes after compromising a system
  • Veteran security professionals often use C to simulate the library high jacking attacks

6. C++

  • Allows hackers to write fast and efficient modern-day hacking programs
  • Ability to access low-level system components so makes sure hackers can easily reverse engineer enterprise software
  • The high-level polymorphism feature allows programmers to write metamorphic computer viruses with C++

7. PHP

  • The best programming language for hacking personal websites
  • Used in server-side scripting
  • Older PHP websites often contain deprecated scripts, manipulating them effectively can give you easy access to servers
  • A deeper understanding of PHP language means you’ll be prepared to take down faulty websites as soon as you spot them

8. Java

  • Java is also widely used for hackers to reverse engineer paid software
  • Possible to develop state of the art hacking programs for advanced ethical hackers
  • It is dynamic in nature so once you write a program with java you can run them on any platform that supports Java
  • A deeper understanding of Java is integral to develop hacking programs for the android system

9. Ruby

  • Borrows a lot of syntactical elements from small talk and is an excellent option for writing fast hacking programs
  • Often used by veteran hackers to write CGI script after compromising a network
  • A lot of next-generation web applications are built with rails platform so Ruby is the best option for breaking them

10. Assembly

  • The best language for developing computer viruses and other malware
  • It offers hackers the ability to manipulate systems directly at the architectural level
  • Easily create complicated hacking programs that leverage interrupt services with assembly
  • Best for time-critical jobs

11. Bash

  • Let to automate most of the hacking programs that you will use for penetrating a network
  • Allow you to penetrate and control hard to break systems
  • Used to utilize hacking programs like NMAP, Armitage, and Metasploit

As everybody would not mind hacking skill is a lot more technical skill than you might think because it requires a lot of practice and creativity and you will be respected if you have got their usage at your fingertips.

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