Zoom acquires Keybase to strengthen its security features!

With the Covid- 19 outbreak, people worldwide have been facing various kinds of difficulties over the past few months. Meanwhile, this pandemic situation affected the co-operate world on a high scale. Accordingly, most of the organizations worldwide embraced the ‘work from home’ concept. This resulted in ‘Zoom’ to be one of the most used applications during these few weeks. However, it is a well-known fact that Zoom had a few security issues with regard to its users’ privacy. The company responded to this situation from the beginning of this case. They assured that they would fix these problems as soon as possible. However, Zoom had acquired ‘Keybase’ to strengthen its security features.

What is Zoom?

It can be known as the prominent application in the modern enterprise video communication world. It provides an easy, reliable cloud platform to perform the video and audio conferencing, chats, and webinars in the most perfect manner. Privacy issues of this application was a very popular topic among the users, as well as the tech enthusiasts over the past weeks. Yet, the users of this application have been increased vastly amidst this situation.

What is Keybase?

Keybase is an encryption and security service. It focuses on serving as a secure home for online identities. At the present Keybase supports publicly connecting to the applications like Twitter, Reddit, Github etc., including websites and domains under one’s control, to encryption keys. Additionally, it can also be known as a service, which allows for any service with public identities to integrate with it.

Why had Zoom acquired Keybase?

As mentioned earlier, Zoom was widely criticized for lapses in security inside its software. Hence, they implemented a 90 days plan to fix these issues. As a part of this, Zoom acquired Keybase a few days back. Accordingly, a team of security-focused developers from Keybase is now working with Zoom. Furthermore, Keybase co-founder Max Krohn is now leading Zoom’s security engineering team. The purpose of this acquisition is to find a quick, yet a successful solution for the arisen problems.

They are now in a collaborative effort to build end-to-end encryption for video conferences. The company is planning to publish progressed encryption designs on May 22nd.

The reports and discussions depict that this acquisition will work for the betterment of both the parties. Anyway, let’s wish that Zoom will come up with a satisfactory solution for these prevailing privacy issues as soon as possible.

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